Our Services


We can provide staff specializing in data processing and clerical functions on contractual basis. A contractual arrangement allows you the flexibility to tailor your staffing pool depending on business volume and demand over time and thus achieve efficient utilization of resources.


We can provide resources to fulfil a time-boxed project, allowing you to deploy resources only for a specific timeframe and release them immediately after the need is fulfilled.


We can extend a direct placement service for your resource needs, from Rank and File to Executive levels. Our placement fee is computed based on the Commencing Annual Gross Income (CAGI) of the position being processed. Our fee is based on successful placement with a flat rate of 15% regardless of position with no pre-placement investment required from your company.


We provide outsourcing of back-office functions that cater to the needs of large and growing organizations. Outsourcing of accounting, inventory, payroll and clerical functions allows you to tap into an efficient organization that can do these activities with high productivity, leaving you to focus on your core business functions and go about the business of making money. Leveraging a pool of dedicated resource to these functions helps you achieve the accuracy and efficiency required of these functions to ensure your business is humming.

Why utilize manpower pooling?

Organizations are sometimes faced with urgent demand to establish a capability that may or may not have long-term prospects, or may need to undertake a task that has unpredictable volumes and timing. Such opportunities require immediate action before the prospect disappears. At the same time, the organization has to manage risks associated with unplanned downtime or costly pre-termination of staff; not to mention legal implication that the organization may or may not be aware of.

PMBSI is able to offer clients a supply of resources for data entry and processing needs. We specialize in contractual arrangements where companies find it more effective to contract personnel to perform temporary short-term activities than hire permanent staff and risk downtime and unplanned termination cost. We also accept outsourcing of data entry and processing activities.

PMBSI has partnered with a computer learning centre to have access to graduates of technical courses for immediate deployment to clients with aggressive needs. We can meet your urgent demand for data processing resources.